[Asterisk-Users] BudgeTone hold?

Shaun Ewing asterisk at ewing.tk
Fri Jun 11 21:24:35 MST 2004

> I can't seem to make the "Hold" button function on the GS 
> BudgeTone-100. I'm trying a procedure like this:
> 1) On a call
> 2) Press "Hold" button
> 3) Hang up phone

Don't hang up the phone. I learned this the hard way by disconnecting a few
calls (our Cisco handsets and our last phone system allowed you to hang up
the phone).

If you just press the hold button and sit the receiver down next to the
phone, the call is placed on hold. To resume the call, press the hold button

Very annoying functionality I'll agree. I'd much rather the ability to hang
up the phone, and what would be even nicer would be a hold reminder tone
after x seconds.


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