[Asterisk-Users] GUI Design Ideas Request

Aaron Clauson aza_rc at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 11 18:46:26 MST 2004


Yes I am contemplating writing yet another GUI
application for *. However I thought before I start
coding away I would see if anybody had any good ideas
about the interface. I have had a look around at the
other * GUIs and also a quick search of other PABX
GUIs but to my mind there was nothing that stuck out
as inuitive, powerful or broad enough. 

Anyway if anyone has any ideas especially in the form
of images I would be very interested in seeing them. I
hacked together some ideas myself, I apologise in
advance for my very poor grpahic design skills:


There still seem to be numerous people mentioning the
lack of a powerful GUI as an * shortcoming. If a good
interface design was found, i.e. pictures with some
workflow descriptions, it would certainly be
encouraging to any prospective GUI coders.



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