[Asterisk-Users] XML How To for Cisco 7960

Matthew John Darnell mdarnell at servpac.com
Fri Jun 11 12:12:05 MST 2004

> I have SIPDefault.cnf & SIPxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.cnf but neither has anything in
> it related to XML SoftKey use nor does the manual suggest parameters
> related to xml use.  Am I missing something?

I added

services_url: http://phone-xml.berbee.com/menu.xml

to my SIPDefault.cnf and it has some cool functionality.  Weather, stock
prices etc.  Good examples of what is possible.

The area code lookup doesn't seemd to work & the bottome choice is
corrupted.  Just press the keypad number of the choice you want.

This looks like a good link as well


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