[Asterisk-Users] incoming DTMF on iConnectHere?

Doug Kennedy doug at kennedygang.com
Fri Jun 11 08:33:43 MST 2004

John Todd wrote:

> I will be removing their configuration hints from my sample files and 
> will not be referencing them any longer in any of the talks I provide. 

I signed up with them because of your examples and article.  Even though 
I don't use them for inbound calls, I can't stand to see people treated 
that way.  What the heck kind of phone company doesn't have a phone for 
customer service?

They're not going to go broke over my decision, but when my deposited 
money runs out I'm switching to another provider.  If anyone has a 
suggestion for another pay-per-minute provider with good US, France, 
and/or Taiwan rates I would appreciate it.

Doug Kennedy

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