[Asterisk-Users] Primustel a.k.a. Lingo $20/month unlimited service

Ryan Courtnage ryan at voxbox.ca
Fri Jun 11 08:02:26 MST 2004

On 10-Jun-04, at 7:47 PM, Philippe Daoust wrote:

> If it's the same service that they offer up here in Canada it's MGCP 
> based.
> I'd be interested to know if * can work with this (I assume it should 
> but I
> have never tried it).

FYI - We've been trying to run the FXS port on one of these DLinks 
(also Primus), into the FXO port of a TDM400P.  We had a reoccurring 
problem where after several hours, the line would go to a 'dead' state. 
  (ie: after several hours, if you try to make an outgoing call, you 
will hear nothing but white-noise ... the call will never go through).

I suspect it has something to do with signaling  (we had set the zapata 
config to use kewl-start).  If anyone gets this working properly in a 
digium/* environment, I'd appreciate your feedback.


> The unit they sent me is the same D-Link.  It's
> HUGE!!!  The largest ATA I have ever seen...
> BTW, Primus has been offering this service in Canada for about 2-3 
> months
> now (called "Talk Broadband" here).
Ryan Courtnage
Coalescent Systems Inc

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