[Asterisk-Users] Aggressive Echo Suppression

Matthew Branton mbranton at xtracard.com
Fri Jun 11 05:48:23 MST 2004

Hi everyone,

I have been experimenting with aggressive echo suppression (as defined in
zconfig.h) in order to eliminate the infrequent but still disturbing echo
that we get with our cisco 7940 phones -> asterisk -> PRI   configuration.
Unfortunetely it seems that with the flag on any given call drops after 3
minutes, guaranteed. This happened with both the older production version
cvs 03/18/04 which prior to the changes had an over two month uptime, and
cvs as of last night.

Also just as a matter of interest, anyway to recompile and deploy zaptel /
libpri without restarting asterisk?

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