[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk PRI calls to SER problem

Dawid Mielnik D.Mielnik at elka.pw.edu.pl
Fri Jun 11 03:53:46 MST 2004

the reason is that you have a bug in your config files, most probably on SER
which sends provisional response instead of an error response to * which in
turn translates that to alerting on isdn. Verify your configs on SER and
make sure you send an error back to * when the sip phone is unavailbale. You
might also want to validate your cpb numbers on * so that if the number is
invalid you send back a release with invalid number format back to the
switch instead of forwarding the call to SER.


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  Hi all,

  I need help. I have a Linux box with SER as a proxy server with ip phones
attached on it , and another linux box with Asterisk and T410 card connect
to an E1 line .Whenever there is  a call from PSTN it is passed to Asterisk
and then to SER box and then to the phone .every time an invalid number
dialed from PSTN to SIP phones connected to SER asterisk says

  that the call is progressing while it is not the case and send an alerting
message to the Nortel DMS switch attached to it. Is there any way I can
remove that alerting message and send the collect message to the switch? I
think that the reason is that * is not directly connected to the phones it
is calling

  my setup is like this.


connected to NORTEL DES 100 switch)

  I would like to find a way of

  informing Asterisk that the call is progressing or something like that,
not ringing until it gets the correct message from SER .

  I am using Asterisk CVS-04/06/04-10:46:21 on Red Hat 9 and Sip Express

   Router version 12 on Red Hat 9.

  I tried to use PRI_causes and "r" extension in extension.conf but still
the problem is there.

   Any idea on how I can solve this problem?

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