[Asterisk-Users] Another Firefly update - now with SRV support

Duane duane at e164.org
Thu Jun 10 17:56:07 MST 2004

Adam Hart wrote:

> That's a 'feature' - fixed, new version up

I found another 'feature' :) Although I couldn't get it to happen a 2nd 
time, I had rung 18005558355 (via like2fone.com's sip server) and was 
listening to the news and looking through the options dialog box, got 
through all the options and hit ok.

Audio for the most part was ok, but the computer and firefly became 
unusable and clicking the off button to shutdown was the only way I got 
control back, wasn't even able to get the process list up and kill 
things that way.


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