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Chris Tooley ctooley at ntrc.net
Thu Jun 10 11:31:07 MST 2004

This is a wonderful idea.  I like the app_im concept a lot.

I'd make a few additions though.  Like the ability to have festival read
the "Away" message as the Voicemail message.  I'd definitely change my
voicemail more often if I could do it by changing my Jabber away

I would suggest that Jabber would be a more effective first target
though, as with it comes the ability to hit AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/etc users
via a simple proxy.  Having just the one implementation would simplify

Chris Tooley

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 21:29 -0400, John Todd wrote:
> At 8:29 PM -0400 on 4/7/04, Shad Mortazavi wrote:
> >I have to agree.
> >
> >A large number of people are looking for this feature. I have 
> >written a web script that can show Agent logged into the system.
> >
> >I think integration/gateway between Asterisk and Jabber would be a 
> >amazingly wonderful product.
> >
> >There is always MSN.
> >
> >Shad Mortazavi
> >---------------------------------------------------
> >Nexus Technical Manager
> >n|m Nexus Management Inc
> >Netural Bay
> >Sydney
> My idea for AIM/Jabber/Yahoo integration is below.
> Comments and/or programmers are welcome to have at it, and to expand 
> on my ideas.  I have mentioned this to several programmers who 
> expressed an interest, but I'm sure that lack of time and funding has 
> kept them from starting on the project, if it indeed is worthwhile. 
> This is a kludge to some degree, but it uses _already existing_ 
> presence tools to extend Asterisk's functionality, without needing to 
> modify any client software or hardware.
> ********
> This is really a one-way presence idea at the moment.  There are the 
> glimmerings of two-way presence (see the "activewhen" keyword) but 
> this is mostly for CTI outbound notices from an * server to humans 
> upon some events defined by the administrator.  I would see this most 
> typically used either as a screenpop on an inbound or outbound call, 
> or perhaps as a voicemail notification tool if the administrator is 
> clever enough to embed a URL into the string for the instant message 
> text. 
> Phase 1: Create a set of programs for Asterisk which allows status 
> checking of a particular username on a particular instant messaging 
> system (availability, idle time) and also allows for transmission of 
> instant messages from Asterisk to other users on those instant 
> messaging systems (one-way.)  The first systems that come to mind 
> would be AOL's AIM and Yahoo.
> Phase 2: Add additional instant message systems: maybe Jabber, MSN. 
> Allow examination of user's header line (in AOL, at least) and pass 
> that through the app_imstatus return codes.  This would allow me to 
> specify "mobile:" as the first digits of my status, thus a GotoIf 
> would be able to know that it should send calls to my cell phone.  Or 
> when I get to work, and shift between my home account ("home: hello, 
> I'm home") to work ("work: at my desk") then the system will 
> automatically forward calls appropriately.  This might be easy enough 
> to do in Phase 1, but I'm uncertain.
> Future paths:
>    A true "presence" application for telephony in a large scale method 
> is lacking today.  It may be the case that this could be done by 
> creating a custom telephony presence presentation application that is 
> based on an existing (or multiple existing) chat protocols.   As an 
> example, it is possible that I might be able to make my status 
> message on AIM change from "avail/sip:12156667777 at" to 
> "busy/sip:12156667777 at" every time I pick up the phone; 
> that could be done programmatically by Asterisk.  Then, my friends 
> who have the custom telephony presence application would see the 
> little icon beside "pinkycaruthers" go from green to flashing orange. 
> As soon as I went back to non-busy, they could just click on my icon, 
> and two things would happen: a password-protected message would get 
> fired off to THEIR phone system and extension from the presence 
> application on their desktop, which in turn would be received by an 
> asterisk-aware application on their Asterisk server, which in turn 
> would create a spool call to MY phone system from the SIP URI that I 
> included in my Status message.   Presto!  We have minimalist call 
> routing, presence, and click-to-dial - we're just missing the little 
> app to do it on <Windows, MacOS, Linux, Java, whatever>.   The core 
> message transport protocols all exist; it's just a matter of layers 
> on top of them.  Using standard telephony URI's, we could not just do 
> this with SIP, but with tel, h323, iax2, anything - it's not limited 
> to VoIP.
> ; im.conf
> ;
> ; Use of this file implies that you have an active account with one or more
> ;  instant messaging services, and that you probably use an account that is
> ;  dedicated to your Asterisk server so it "knows" what's going on.  You may
> ;  need to ensure that any other user id's that you expect to receive messages
> ;  are filtered in such a way that the messages from your Asterisk-specific
> ;  account are permitted through.
> ;
> ; username=  username of the user on this particular messaging system.
> ; secret=    password for the username
> ; type=      type of connection this is.  Each messaging system uses 
> it's own protocols,
> ;             so we need to specify which one of the protocols we're 
> using for this particular
> ;             "channel".  Current choices are:
> ;              aim   - the AOL OSCAR protocol
> ;              yahoo - the Yahoo protocol
> ; statusmessage= Sets the status message for the user on the chat 
> server.  Visible to other users.
> ; activewhen= perform a login only when this channel type is valid or 
> logged in.  This is
> ;             reduce unnecessary heartbeat traffic for phones that 
> aren't logged in.
> ;             An example of this setting would be "IAX2/12345" or 
> "SIP/jimmy" where those
> ;             channel peers would be sending REGISTER messages to the server.
> ;             Use of keyword "always" means logged in all the time.  Optional.
> ; subscribe= users whose presence should be monitored by this peer
> ; port=      port for protocol (defaults taken from type=)
> ; host=      host for protocol (defaults taken from type=)
> ;
> ;
> [aim-1]
> username=pinkys-asterisk
> secret=foofoofoo
> type=aim
> statusmessage="Pinky Caruthers Phone Presense Robot - no inbound, please."
> subscribe=buckaroo,janedoe,turtlehead,misspiggy2001
> ;
> ; end im.conf sample
> -= Info about application 'IMStatus' =-
> [Synopsis]:
> Get the status of a remote user's instant messaging presence
> [Description]:
>    IMStatus(template/remoteuser,[options])
> Returns several strings as result codes if successful.  If an error 
> occurs during
> transmission, the system will jump to priority n+101.
>      ${IM-STATUS}: "online", "offline", "unknown", "idle"
>      ${IM-IDLETIME}: number of seconds of idle time
>      ${IM-STATUS}: if applicable, the text string of the remote user's 
> status bar
>      ${IM-LASTSEEN}: how many minutes ago was this user online, at 
> least as far as
>        this running instance of Asterisk has knowledge.  0=online or never
> Note that the remoteuser must be in the "subscribe" list of the IM 
> peer in order for
> the system to return correct values.  If the IM peer username is listed as the
> remoteuser, the status of the IM peer will be returned in 
> ${IM-STATUS} as either
> "online" or "offline" depending on the current registered state.
> The option string may contain zero or more of the following:
>      'g' -- goes on in context if an error occurs
>      'W(x)' -- Wait x milliseconds before returning regardless of 
> result (avoids hangs)
> -= Info about application 'IMSend' =-
> [Synopsis]:
> Transmit an Instant Message
> [Description]:
>     IMSend(template/remoteuser/string)
> Sends a string to a remote user, using the username in the peer 
> definition as the sender.
> Receiver can be any user on the IM network chosen.  Errors are 
> currently handled silently.
> String can be up to XXX characters long.
> command-line options:
> im show peers  = shows a list of IM peers, and statuses of 
> subscription to those peers
> im show subscribed [peername][|subscriber] = shows a list of users 
> whose status the system is monitoring, or optionally just one out of 
> the list for that IM peer.  Also shows last time (minutes ago) the 
> user was seen online (0 if online or never)
> im debug = debugs instant messaging items
> im debug intense = more debug
> foo*CLI> im show peers
> Name        Type      Host           Port    User          Status
> aim1        AIM    5190    pinkys-asteri Registered
> foo*CLI> im show subscribed aim1
> Name        Status      Idle     Lastseen
> buckaroo    online      140      0
> janedoe     online      3        0
> turtlehead  offline     0        0
> misspiggy20 offline     0        500
> typical trivial usage:
> ; Send calls to Buckaroo appropriately based on his
> ;  AIM presence, and send a message before the call
> ;  if he's on-line
> ;
> exten => 1233,1,AGI(get-customer-data-from-callerid.agi)
> exten => 1233,2,SetVar(CALLMESSAGE="${CUSTOMER-NAME} is calling from 
> ${CUSTOMER-COMPANY}.  They do ${BILLABLE-VOLUME} in sales with us - 
> pick up the phone!")
> exten => 1233,3,IMStatus(aim1/buckaroo)
> exten => 1233,4,GotoIf($[${IM-STATUS} = offline]?5:10)
> exten => 1233,5,Dial(Zap/1/${BUCKAROO-CELL})
> exten => 1234,6,Hangup
> exten => 1234,10,GotoIf($[${IM-STATUS} = online]?11:20)
> exten => 1234,11,IMSend(aim1/buckaroo/${CALLMESSAGE})
> exten => 1234,12,Dial(SIP/${BUCKAROO-MAIN},20)
> exten => 1234,13,Voicemail(u${BUCKAROO-MAIN})
> exten => 1234,14,Hangup
> exten => 1234,20,Voicemail(${BUCAROO-MAIN})
> exten => 1234,21,Hangup
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