[Asterisk-Users] AS5300 and Asterisk

Flávio Eduardo de Andrade Gonçalves flavio at voffice.com.br
Thu Jun 10 03:48:36 MST 2004

Dear Jimenez, 

You have to configure a dial-peer in Cisco box. A 2611 with a NM-HDV-E.
It works. The configuration is something like:


dial-peer voice 8000 voip
   protocol sipv2
   codec g711
   dest pattern 4... (Whatever says your dialing plan)
   session target ipv4:(ip address of your asteriks box)

PS: I dont t remember the exact syntax for Cisco. If you have
problems with commands above use ? to find the exact syntax. 


In Asterisk configuration you can configure extensions.conf

exten => _NXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@your cisco box ip address)

Don t forget, when the call arrive in AS5300 you have to send to
another dial-peer (pots if you want to send to PSTN or VOIP if ou want 
to send to another voip call leg). Probably you will have to create
another dial-peer like below. 

dial-peer voice 8001 pots
  destination-pattern [2-9]......
  port 0:15

I hope it helps, 

Flavio Goncalves

>>> djimenez at pobox.com 06/09 1:14 am >>>
Hey all,

I have an as5300 I use for dial in customers, we have 4 PRIs on it.

We have a few free channels on it. I'm wondering if I setup SIP on the

as5300 I can have asterisk use the free channels for dial out.

I'd still have to use my TDM04B for incoming calls, but at least I can

expand my outgoing.

Anyone done anything like this before? I've never messed with VoIP on 
Cisco equipment before.
Daniel Jimenez <djimenez[at]pobox[dot]com>
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