[Asterisk-Users] MeetMe and ztdummy problem

Oliver Ren oliver.ren at arkonnetworks.com
Wed Jun 9 12:33:00 MST 2004

Hello All,

I am running Asterisk version 0.9.0 on Linux Redhat 9.0. To make Meetme
work, I load ztdummy module before running asterisk. Then I can make a
meetme conference call, but the voice prompt quality is very poor. It seems
asterisk PBX sends voice data to the phone in a very low rate. When I call
MusicOnHold and VoiceMail, the symptom is the same. When I remove ztdummy
module, MusicOnhold and VoiceMail and other voice prompts are OK, but MeetMe
does not work of course. Should I set ztdummy or something else? Please
help. Thank you very much.

Oliver Ren

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