[Asterisk-Users] IBM T30, Redhat 9, Gnophone, mono PCM, Internet PhoneCard

Jim O'Brien obrienj at attglobal.net
Wed Jun 9 11:52:52 MST 2004

I have just finished installing all the pieces of Redhat Linux 9
(2.4.20-8), Asterisk-0.9.1, Gnophone-0.2.4 on my IBM T30.

Audio card is SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio. Not sure what the chips
are. But everything works on both W/XP and RH9. (Machine is obviously
dual boot)

Everything starts, Asterisk is up, sound/audio is great for CD player,
Volume controls, Voice recorder, RealPlayer, etc.

I have disabled all references (I think) to calls going to the console
in Asterisk config files. Anyway, all the audio stuff works fine while
Asterisk is up.

When I bring up Gnophone (all other audio is down), I get the message
about /dev/dsp not supporting mono PCM but Gnophone finishes coming up
and connects to the directory service.

I have done many searches on the subject and gone down numerous threads.

I don't have any "alas" or "oss" packages installed nor can I find any
references to them.

I modified the "sample" Asterisk config files with the info in a
VOIP-info.org article  "Getting Gnophone to work". 

I setup gnophone according to the article.

When I start gnophone and call (extension 1 as prescribed in the VOIP
article), I hear what I assume is ringing, click Answer and hear
nothing!  Extension 1 is to simply play tt-monkeys.gsm.

And there appears to be something going on as there are lots of messages
on the terminal from where I started gnophone.

But I see no activity on the Manager output.

Can anyone provide me with some help getting gnophone to work?


My next step is to try to get the Quicknet Internet PhoneCard working
and thus have a "complete" PBX on my laptop so I can do some further
testing and development.

So if anyone has config files and any advice for the Internet PhoneCard
as well that would be appreciated also.


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