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Darren Nickerson darren.nickerson at ifax.com
Tue Jun 8 20:25:07 MST 2004

> The last time I checked on a big FAX server, only a few percent of the
> calls used anything but basic 9600bps non-ECM operation. When I look in
> the shops, hardly any of the FAX machines - other than the low selling
> high end laser models - support anything fancy. If you are dealing
> purely with FAXes between big companies, most of the machines you
> encounter probably support the fancy features. In the general case, they
> don't.

What can I say? That's not our reality. Every little HP OfficeJet el-cheapo
multifunction inkjet device does ECM, MMR and V.34 (up to 33.6) speed faxing
these days. That's reflected in a large number of greater than 14,400 speed
connections (typically 28.8). They're not considered bells and whistles ..
they're just standard.


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