[Asterisk-Users] CDR for transfered calls

pesb pablo.salinas at conexiongroup.com
Tue Jun 8 08:19:00 MST 2004

Hi there,
                I have the following scenario:
I want user A to make a call to user B. If, any of these users transfer the 
call to user C, then asterisk should generate a CDR for the first leg of the 
call. And after the transfered call is finished, asterisk should generate a 
second CDR.
I believe I was able to do it once, a long time ago...
But, I tried this feature again today, and asterisk was generating only one 
CDR (for the transfered call).
Is this possible?
I use aterisk 0.7.2 with Grandstream phones.

thanks in advance,
                           Pablo Salinas

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