[Asterisk-Users] Module nonsense (zaptel, wcfxs and wxfxo)

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Tue Jun 8 05:25:26 MST 2004

> I've been playing with two pieces of hardware:  a X100P and a TDM400P with an 
> FXO and two FXS modules.  I had been using just the TDM
> card;  however, the TDM FXO module seems to hear things and "answer" the 
> telephone for no reason, and I wanted to compare the results
> with an X100P card.

Yes, same issue here. I'm not a programmer, so my comments are based on 
observations only. For whatever reason, the TDM card is far more sensitive
to analog line activities then was the x100p. Simply taking a bridged analog
phone off hook and back on hook causes the TDM card to assume the phone is
ringing. Also, female voices on the analog side tend to be interpreted
as ringing as well (that's with callprogress=no).

> If you want further details, I can give them to you, but suffice it to say 
> that trying to work with both cards and both modules has been
> incredibly frustrating.  Modules that won't load, or that load but don't 
> work when you run Asterisk, or Asterisk segfaulting even though the
> modules *seem* to load properly...

Observed the same here on RH v9. System has been mostly stable for over six
months in terms of processing calls, but doing 'service zaptel stop' and 
start (after stopping *) leads to unpredictable results. Usually can get 
by with one or two, but anything after that leads to failures that 
require a system reboot. The exact number varies.

Other observations tend to suggest echo cancellation is not any better 
on the TDM compared to the x100p, and the amount of echo seems to change
from time to time with no noticable correlation to other system events.
CallerID on the TDM seems to be less reliable then the x100p (more ID's
showing up as 'asterisk' when a bridged analog phone receives the ID's
just fine).

I'm using three pstn lines from two different central offices and two
different ring cadences. Inbound and outbound calls are processed correctly,
and echo (and other unusual * activities) is the same across all three 
lines. (The TDM card runs on a dedicated interrupt, and CVS-HEAD-05/28/04.)

Unplugging a pstn line from the TDM card (and reconnecting) creates some
rather unusual events too.

Guess its time to open a bug report even though we don't have any significant
technical data that would help debug the problems.


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