[Asterisk-Users] Re: makering.pl

Simon simon at orbital.net
Tue Jun 8 03:50:43 MST 2004


Ok got it to work now , thanks.

I have put ring1.bin in the tftpboot folder on my tftp server and rebooted
the phone but it has not taken the file.

Do i need to do anything special with the phone etc ?


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In article <KAECJHDBCOEDEJDGNNNHEEEICFAB.simon at orbital.net>,
Simon <simon at orbital.net> wrote:
> Anyone used this ?
> I am having a bit of trouble got the right perms on makering.pl .
> Should that file be somewhere in particular ?
> use the reccommended command
> sox inputfile -r 8000 -c 1 -t ul - rate | makering.pl ring1.bin
> but i get
> bash: makering.pl: command not found

Hi Simon, yes, it's my prog. :-)

The command assumes that makering.pl is in your PATH. If it is just
in the current directory, and "." is not in your path (as it shouldn't
be, for security), then you need to say ./makering.pl

You also need to make sure makering.pl has the x bit turned on, wherever
the file is located.

Tony Mountifield
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