[Asterisk-Users] Problem with rxFax

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Mon Jun 7 17:38:42 MST 2004

Manuel Marin Garcia wrote:

>I compiled libtiff version 3.6.1 and spandsp and spandsp version k. When
>trying to load asterisk I get the folloein error:
The instructions tell you *not* to use libtiff 3.6.1

>Jun  7 10:15:03 WARNING[16384]: loader.c:408 load_modules: Loading
>module app_dtmftotext.so failed!
If you don't want that app, just don't use it. It isn't for faxing, so 
you can just remove it if it gives you any trouble.

>Ouch ... error while writing audio data: : Broken pipe
>[root at zapata root]# Warning, flexible rate not heavily tested!
This is nothing to do with spandsp.

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