[Asterisk-Users] SIP registration issues - Ugly workaround

Kristopher Lalletti kristopher at lalletti.ca
Mon Jun 7 17:27:09 MST 2004

Hello everyone,

I'm currently attempting to get Asterisk properly registering through a NAT

Here's the twist, the provider does not permit direct SIP messages to the
sip registry, instead they want registration to be done by their nat
traversal proxy, and when you send-out the registration messages to the nat
traversal, they must be sent as if they were originally sent directly to the
sip proxy.

To make a story short, I had to override the resolution of the SIP proxy
hostname from my /etc/hosts to point to the nat traversal, and finally,
after 4 weeks, I got asterisk to register.

My registration line in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf looks like this:
register => userid:password:userid at sip.provider.com:5065/401
where userid is a numerical 8 digit value.

Is there a more elegant method on accomplishing this?


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