[Asterisk-Users] iax codec problem

Adam Hart adam at teragen.com.au
Mon Jun 7 16:16:22 MST 2004

Tor Houghton wrote:

>>I have the same problem. IAXCOMM works fine with * 0.7.2, but not 0.9.
>>However, you can make calls fine, just not pick up inbound calls.
> One workaround is to use Firefly, but that may not be for everyone?
> To the Firefly maintainer: why does the contacts list fill up with copies of
> calling parties?

You mean in the not on list section? - I find it handy to have their 
numbers on my list, plus it makes it more clear who you're on call with. 
They'll disappear on restart of Firefly, prehaps I'll include an option 
to remove on end of call.

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