[Asterisk-Users] Network Sniffing Calls for recording

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Mon Jun 7 13:30:16 MST 2004

Ok assuming I don't want to record calls using * but instead want a
dedicated server that listens to a mirror port and records calls. Is there a
cheap software package out there for doing this for mgcp/sccp?  I know if
evern cut over to * there is a way but I doubt I will even cut 100% over to
* so I was wonder what the list has heard of for call recording via sniffing
my gates.  I know there are some out there but $100k for 40 users is to high
for my blood.

Offlist is fine for all flames and answers since this is a bit off topic
lists at efastfunding.com

OK it's a Monday when it takes 5 tries to get a email to the right list from
the right account.  

Either that or someone switched the coffee pot to decaf again.

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