[Asterisk-Users] Re: Grandstream Firmware: SIP Register option gone

Richard Neese rneese at adelphia.net
Mon Jun 7 10:38:55 MST 2004

I use GS and have no problem with iLBC. as for the registry problem I have 
talked to rich and he is looking into it... 

On June 7, 2004 10:41 am, Duane wrote:
> Stephen R. Besch wrote:
> > I know that GS monitors this list. I just hope that they take this
> > seriously.  Breaking the no register option is a really serious, and
> > idiotic, mistake. They really are obliged to fix this as soon as
> > absolutely possible.
> Some fairly serious flaws in either asterisk or the GS iLBC code as
> well. If I call BT to BT using iLBC with asterisk playing proxy etc,
> often one end can't hear the other, although it sounds fine on the end
> that can hear. On calls made to a cisco ATA the call often sounds like
> loop voltage has been lost and the call is subsequently hung up.
> Switching the phones to ULAW and having either ULAW or GSM between
> asterisk both work fine...

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