[Asterisk-Users] Re: GS HandyTone Issue

Stephen Rosebush srosebush at desynched.org
Mon Jun 7 08:12:18 MST 2004

I do not think this is the case, I e-mailed the company I ordered it off 
of and they're going to send me a new device, the thing is that I've 
tried many different analog telephones, tried many different firmware 
versions, tried a changable voltage adapter I have on the unit, I hear 
the buzzing noise on the internal dialtone and also I hear the buzzing 
noise on the internal network setup menu. (I even could hear the buzzing 
dialtone when it was off the network)...

It seems to not be as loud when there is no audio being heard... but 
when someone on the other end speaks or the ringing tone I can hear the 
buzzing noise to be quite annoying.. I've gotten used to it for now but 
I hope to resolve this soon.

I hope to recieve the new unit in the mail close to the end of the week 
to see if the new unit is better. I hope so because I would feel rather 
silly to get another one and it still exhibits the same symptoms.

Stephen R. Besch wrote:

> Stephen Rosebush wrote:
>> I just got myself a GS HandyTone and it works great, it was a breeze 
>> to setup. My only issue is I seem to be hearing a humming noise on 
>> the line when I am in calls.. 
> You have a short (or leak) to ground somewhere in the analog line.
> S Besch
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