[Asterisk-Users] AVM B1 and PTP mode

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Mon Jun 7 08:08:53 MST 2004

Hi !

I've fetched a spare AVM B1 card from the cellar, and installed it. After 
"modprobe b1pci" I did "capiinit" and capiinit moaned about a missing 

So I search the web and found one at 
http://www.avm.de/ftp/cardware/b1/x_misc/ddi/. When I now look at the 
controller, I finally see p2p-mode:

 # cat /proc/capi/controllers/1
 name             b1pciv4-a400
 io               0xa400
 irq              5
 membase          0xf1800000
 type             B1 PCI
 ver_driver       3.09-10
 ver_cardtype     B1
 ver_serial       39032287
 protocol         DSS1
 linetype         point to point
 cardname         B1
 csr (cached)     0x30004000
 csr              0x30004000
 txoff            4
 txlen            0
 rxoff            0
 rxlen            4

Now, I compiled chan_capi-0.3.3 against Asterisk CVS head (of course with 
CFLAGS+=-DUNSTABLE_CVS). And when I start now asterisk, .... it hangs.

With some debugging statements I found out that it hangs right here in 

        if (Listen(ALL_SERVICES) != 0) {
            ast_log(LOG_NOTICE,"unable to listen!\n");
            return -1;

Any ideas?

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