[Asterisk-Users] chan_capi and DDI (Anlagenanschluss)

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Mon Jun 7 06:02:20 MST 2004

> Did you configure your CAPI driver to run in PTP mode? (not PTMP mode)

No, I didn't. Which one would this be:

# lsmod
capi                   17728   0
capifs                  3436   0  [capi]
fcpci                 531008   1
kernelcapi             29344   2  [capi fcpci]
capiutil               22624   0  [kernelcapi]

I did some modinfo -p (get parameter list) on them, but I haven't found 

The modules are from Linux 2.4.26, fcpci is from 03.11.02.

The only ptm/ptp configuration setting I found was the for chan_capi in 
/etc/asterisk/capi.conf  "isdnmode=ptp".

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