[Asterisk-Users] Voip-talk?

Chris Glover chris at glovercc.clara.co.uk
Mon Jun 7 05:36:44 MST 2004

> Chris Glover wrote:
> > I use voiptalk via my DSL connection. It seems to work very well.
> > Originally I was using the connection in Sip mode, but had problems with
> > DTMF, I could only get it to work on outgoing calls, or incoming if I
> > changed mode, but not both. I switched to using IAX last week, which they
> > set up within a day of me asking. Now my DTMF problems are solved. The
> > only problem with the IAX termination is that you really need a static IP
> > address, due to the way they set the authentication up. For some reason
> > they don't seem to like using "register" in iax.conf.
> Erm why not send the user/pass in the dial string instead?
> exten => _.,1,Dial(IAX2/username:password at host/number)

That's fine for outgoing calls, it's the incoming (I have an 0870 number)
which could be a problem, as without static IP their * server would not
know where to send the data.


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