[Asterisk-Users] Problem with T1 PRI line resetting/dropping calls.

Gary Franczyk gary at de-scribe.com
Mon Jun 7 05:07:13 MST 2004

Thanks, but that post doesn't cover the red alarms... Which is probably the
most important error message in the log.

When I said Middle of the night, I mean various times in the night.. 10pm,
2am, 3am, etc.  It also happens in the middle of the day... 10am, 1:30pm,
etc.  Its all over the map.

The system is hardware Raid-1 mirroring (Dell 1650 with a raid option).
SCSI drives.
It looks like others have agreed that there is probably a bigger problem on
the line causing the red alarms.

Thanks for your help so far...  I am going to request a monitor on our line
to see if they can see anything... I don't have much hope in that, though..


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On Friday 04 June 2004 15:02, Gary Franczyk wrote:
> I searched the archives and nothing seemed to fit the problem.  Most of
> posts I have found say what you said... "this was just discussed", but I
> cannot find any good information about the actual discussion.  If you can
> send a link to the thread you are talking about, I will check it out.


> It is unlikely that it is a load issue.  This sometimes happens in the
> middle of the night when there is almost no one using the system.  I
> haven't seen a real corelation between the dropped calls and system load.
> It does nothing else.  Not even backups.  The T1 reset seems to come at
> random times.

Middle of the night as in... around 4:40am or so?

> The system only accepts incoming calls... usually only during business
> hours, with heavier load during the afternoon.   The disks system is a two
> disk raid-1 mirror.

hardware RAID or software RAID, and is it IDE?

Processes which hold interrupts too long can cause this, and among those
of things is IDE block-master DMA.  I don't know if you can get away with
reducing the PCI latency timer in the BIOS; linux usually overwrites these
settings anyway, but you might have some luck.

Red Alarms aren't generated with high load, nor a latent PCI system; I would
have the telco check out the lines (or have a T1 monitor installed to watch
it for you while it's live) -- I think you've got bigger issues, but I don't
think the Error 500s are related to the RAs.

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