[Asterisk-Users] Updated: Advanced German Configuration

Julian Pawlowski julian-p at web.de
Mon Jun 7 03:10:03 MST 2004

Hi Folks,

just updated my current Dialplan available on


It now heavily uses ODBC database (MySQL) to hold most of the data like extensions and incoming connection numbers. An example databasefile is also included.
The denylist has also been updated for future and current settings of the german telecom regulator.

Again I added many comfortable features (vertical service codes).
The following features are supported to be dialed from phone until now:

- language setting
- follow me
- Call Forward Unconditional
- Call Forward on No Answer
- Call Forward on Busy
- Individual Speed Dialing
- Break Call Forward
- Phone Lock
- Redial last called external number
- Reset Phone Settings

There are much more features. You will notice them by reading the dialplan yourself. It is fairly good commented so gifted people won't have any problems.

Comments and proposals appreciated.

Julian Pawlowski

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