[Asterisk-Users] DSP Coding

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Sun Jun 6 16:32:41 MST 2004


Bob Knight wrote:

> My thoughts on a DS3 * box:
> Forget PCI.  Forget x86.
> There are very good bsd and linux ports for the powerpc.
> There are ppc's with very good TDM interfaces.
> All these framers and dsps speak TDM.  Very simple clean design.
> If you do not want to build any hardware, you can probably find 
> something off the self.
> You can always use an eval board from IBM or Moto.  Any expensive but 
> easy way to start.
> The only pain would be the * port.
> Yet more ifdef's.  OK, that is a different rant.

This seems to create a number of fresh problems, but you haven't 
identified a major problem your idea solves. The TDM to x86 interface is 
no big deal. Its all the DSP load which creates problems.

A better solution is to add an H.100 interface to the E1/T1/DS3/OC-48 
cards. Many of the DSP cards also have H.100 interfaces, and could talk 
directly to such an interface card. Just avoid the data ever getting 
near the main CPUs until after the DSPs have done their work, and the 
data is compressed into a slower stream.


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