[Asterisk-Users] BRI In the states

Daniel Jimenez djimenez at pobox.com
Sun Jun 6 14:02:28 MST 2004

Hi all.

I've ordered a TDM400P with 4 FXO, but after using my X100P I'm thinking 
about returning the TDM400P because of bad echo issues. If I do get the 
echo issues I'll look at digital options.

My question: Is anyone using ISDN (BRI) in the states? I've heard 
ISDN4LINUX devices suffer bad echo but chan_capi works great. All the 
chan_capi cards I find though are for overseas (ie europe etc).

Would I be better off looking at a fractional PRI? I'm only using 4 
lines right now. I think a fractional PRI would be over kill.
Daniel Jimenez <djimenez[at]pobox[dot]com>

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