[Asterisk-Users] Analog Bridged Calls Pulsate

Trevor Peirce tpeirce at digitalcon.ca
Sun Jun 6 13:56:15 MST 2004


I've been playing around with two generic X100P analog cards to create a 
proof-of-concept system before we go ahead and hook up a PRI.  I'm 
running into a reproducible problem with sound quality of bridged calls, 
and am hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

I have in my dial plan a _9. extension so outgoing calls can be made... 
the first thing is Wait(1) and then the Dial...

A call comes in to the system and the menu plays with perfect quality.  
The call is then forwarded out the other analog line, and when answered 
the call quality is clear.

The callee then presses # to transfer, and dials 9 then the number to 
transfer the call to.  Immediately the call is disconnected from the 
callee, and the caller hears hold music.  A couple seconds later when 
the caller is transferred, call quality deteriorates.  There is a 
pulsating noise that causes the caller and new callee to barely be able 
to hear each other.

This happens every time and only on the 2nd call.  The first call is 
always clear.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Trevor Peirce

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