[Asterisk-Users] BroadVoice usage?

Jay Milk jay at skimmilk.net
Fri Jun 4 15:03:36 MST 2004

When I first got this going, I tested with a spare SPA-2000 as well as
Xlite.  Once I got it working there, I transferred the settings to *.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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Hi Jay,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, we do have a context for incoming calls -- it's used for not only
BroadVoice (which isn't working) and VoiceGlo and iConnectHere (which
are working.) And, yes, we do have a pattern match on our number in our
[general] context in extensions.conf. As of this morning, when we dial
our BroadVoice number, we get a fast busy and our Asterisk server is
never contacted.

As for outgoing, we did make the change to sip.broadvoice.com (from
proxy.broadvoice.com). This did make a change on our outgoing
calls: the BroadVoice server responded with:
         Got SIP response 604 "Does not exist anywhere" back from This is progress but it's still an error. :-( And, no: our
Asterisk server is not behind a NAT firewall.

I have an email into BroadVoice to double-check the status of our

Thanks, again.

Michael Swan
Neon Software, Inc.

At 03:04 AM 6/3/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>I have Broadvoice working on three lines.  Had the same problems you 
>have in the beginning.
>Trouble-shoot one thing at a time...
>Incoming: Do you have a context for incoming calls set up?  It belongs 
>in your [general] section.  Once there, do you have a pattern or 
>extension matching your phone number?  If Asterisk can't match the 
>extension for an incoming call, the call is rejected and BV tells you 
>it's busy.
>Outgoing: Use host=sip.broadvoice.com.  Don't use proxy.  If your 
>asterisk sits behind a NAT firewall, it wouldn't hurt to add "nat=yes" 
>to your [broadvoice] section.
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>Subject: [Asterisk-Users] BroadVoice usage?
>Hi all,
>I've been trying to use BroadVoice as a SIP service provider. They 
>support * but are helpful when it comes to answering questions for 
>setup parameters. They claim they have no firewalls or access lists 
>that need to be set up so I can get access to their servers.
>However, something's still not quite right when I use the parameters. 
>It looks like our Asterisk server is registered with their server and I

>believe I have all the other entries set up correctly (we use other 
>services, too, such as iConnectHere and Voiceglo so I'm pretty sure 
>I've got my BroadVoice set up correctly.) "sip show registry" shows my 
>* server as registered with the BroadVoice IP address.
>When I try to make an outbound call, there is no answer from the 
>BroadVoice server (proxy.boradvoice.com) to Asterisk's INVITE.
>When I try to call our assigned BroadVoice number, I immediately get a 
>BroadVoice message saying the number is busy.
>I can provide the sip debug output but it basically shows that 
>BroadVoice appears to be not communicating with inbound or outbound 
>Here are the entries:
>register => phonenumber:password at sip.broadvoice.com:5060/phonenumber
>; calls via BroadVoice
>exten => _6NXXXXXX,1,Dial,SIP/1925${EXTEN:1}@broadvoice
>exten => _61NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial,SIP/${EXTEN:1}@broadvoice
>exten => _6011.,1,Dial,SIP/${EXTEN:1}@broadvoice
>exten => _6.,2,Congestion

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