[Asterisk-Users] QoS in Cisco

Timothy R. McKee tim at baseworx.net
Fri Jun 4 13:02:42 MST 2004

Here is what I use on a customer's router.  He has a mix of different IP
phones which make it a little strange, but it seems to work.  Be aware that
setting COS on an ethernet had severe bugs up until a service release a
month or so ago.  I haven't tested the fix yet.





class-map match-any VOIP-SIGNAL

  match ip dscp cs5

  match ip precedence 4

  match ip precedence 3

class-map match-any VOIP-RTP

  match ip dscp ef

 match ip precedence 5



policy-map QOS-Policy


   priority percent 5

  class VOIP-RTP

   priority percent 70

  class class-default




interface Serial0/0/0:0

 service-policy output QOS-Policy


Timothy R. McKee



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Dear all,
I want to configure QoS in my Cisco router and Cisco Switch.. Need some
Need your help. 

Best regards

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