[Asterisk-Users] Time based calls charging and "reserved" numbers up to 999!

Mike Heininger mike at heininger.at
Thu Jun 3 08:14:52 MST 2004

Am 03.06.2004 um 13:23 schrieb Senad Jordanovic:

> In United Kingdom, we have time based dialling pricing from most of
> Telco's based on time the call is placed! It is called PEAK (08.00-  
> 18.00
> Mon-Fri), OFF PEAK(18.00-08.00 Mon-Fri) and WEEKEND (all other times!
> Could someone from any of other countries let me know if time based
> charging exists in your country?
> Also, what numbers (up to 999) are commonly used for emergency, police
> or other type of  public services in your country?

In Austria we also have time based charging with many telcos.

emergency call numbers - without engagement ;-)
Sorry for my bad translation ...

112 european emergency call
120 car breakdown service
122 fire department
123 car breakdown service
128 emergency call for gas problems
130 federal state emergency center
133 police
140 mountain emergency service
141 doctor emergency service
142 crisis line
144 emergency medical services
147 emergency call for children and teenager



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