[Asterisk-Users] Crc4 issues

Konrad Gorski konrad.gorski at abc-dc.com.pl
Thu Jun 3 03:56:11 MST 2004

Paulo Mannheimer wrote:

>l but couldn't figure out what bits should we try to set to test other
>card options.
>Is there any documentation on the card that could help us?
Hi Paulo,
try link (its about chip DS21[35]54 on e100p):

afaik wct1xxp don't send  E-bit (bit 2 of  "Transmit Control Register 2" 
must be set to 1 to set E-bit) so Telco side have no info about CRC

if  you wisch i can send you my version of wct1xxp, unfortunately old 
CVS - 15-09-2003 and dirty code :-( , working good with Lucent 5ESS on 
Telco side. (contact me off-list)
additionaly this patch show some info about errors on E1 line: 
and is possible to change input impedance  from 120 OHM to 120 OHM  with 
resistors or 120 OHM with high resistors - just for test purposes.


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