[Asterisk-Users] BroadVoice usage?

Jay Milk jay at skimmilk.net
Thu Jun 3 01:04:26 MST 2004

I have Broadvoice working on three lines.  Had the same problems you
have in the beginning.

Trouble-shoot one thing at a time...
Incoming: Do you have a context for incoming calls set up?  It belongs
in your [general] section.  Once there, do you have a pattern or
extension matching your phone number?  If Asterisk can't match the
extension for an incoming call, the call is rejected and BV tells you
it's busy.

Outgoing: Use host=sip.broadvoice.com.  Don't use proxy.  If your
asterisk sits behind a NAT firewall, it wouldn't hurt to add "nat=yes"
to your [broadvoice] section.

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Hi all,

I've been trying to use BroadVoice as a SIP service provider. They don't

support * but are helpful when it comes to answering questions for setup
parameters. They claim they have no firewalls or access lists that need
to be set up so I can get access to their servers.

However, something's still not quite right when I use the parameters. It
looks like our Asterisk server is registered with their server and I
believe I have all the other entries set up correctly (we use other
services, too, such as iConnectHere and Voiceglo so I'm pretty sure I've
got my BroadVoice set up correctly.) "sip show registry" shows my *
server as registered with the BroadVoice IP address.

When I try to make an outbound call, there is no answer from the
BroadVoice server (proxy.boradvoice.com) to Asterisk's INVITE.

When I try to call our assigned BroadVoice number, I immediately get a
BroadVoice message saying the number is busy.

I can provide the sip debug output but it basically shows that
BroadVoice appears to be not communicating with inbound or outbound

Here are the entries:


register => phonenumber:password at sip.broadvoice.com:5060/phonenumber



; calls via BroadVoice
exten => _6NXXXXXX,1,Dial,SIP/1925${EXTEN:1}@broadvoice
exten => _61NXXNXXXXXX,1,Dial,SIP/${EXTEN:1}@broadvoice
exten => _6011.,1,Dial,SIP/${EXTEN:1}@broadvoice
exten => _6.,2,Congestion

Anyone else have BroadVoice working?

Michael Swan
Neon Software, Inc.

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