[Asterisk-Users] DNS SRV records

Duane duane at e164.org
Wed Jun 2 18:05:56 MST 2004

Ed Guy wrote:

> There were SRV records on fwd.pulver.com about a year ago,  but
> there was something in the configuration that caused 7960s to
> constantly reboot. Got lots of PSTN calls that day!

This is the crux of the argument, devices and software (ie asterisk) 
that don't support, or don't support properly/fully the use of SRV 
records... I know of MTA software that doesn't properly support MX 
records as well, they try to send it to the A record then fall back to 
MX or something weird like that, but unlike SIP this is the minority not 
the majority...

> The SRV records do exist on other fwd domains, e.g.,
> _sip._udp.freeworlddialup.com
> and will again probably find their way back to fwd.pulver.com.

This may be so, however I've always seen it written as 
number at fwd.pulver.com I always wondered why even on freeworlddialup.com 
it wasn't written as number at fwd.freeworlddialup.com...


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