[Asterisk-Users] DNS SRV records

Duane duane at e164.org
Wed Jun 2 09:27:57 MST 2004

John Fraizer wrote:

> Spoken like a true n00b13.

If the current SIP bug isn't annoying enough to push people away from 
asterisk you just have to chip in your 2 cents worth to push things that 
little bit more...

> You can *sometimes* get away with not having MX records.  You can 
> *sometimes* get away with not having SVR records.  Both record types 
> exist for a reason though.

Oh so that's why SRV lookups are commented out in the default asterisk 
config, so you can't get anything?

sip://username@***HOSTNAME*** works perfectly well... Before you berate 
others indescriminately remove your foot from your mouth next time so 
you don't look like as big of an ass next time...


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