[Asterisk-Users] Some (lack of) answers regarding the wakeup call application...

Michael Welter mike at introspect.com
Wed Jun 2 07:31:32 MST 2004

I installed your wakeup agi script and it works well.  There are some 
typos on the wiki page--the printf format string seem to have been 
corrupted.  Also, I need a Linux tool to splice a series of gsm audio 
clips together in order to use one 'get_data' instead of multiple 
'stream_file' commands.


Rob Fugina wrote:

> Since I only seem to get questions, and no feedback, from the Wiki page,
> I'll ask here.  There seems to be no lack of opinions here...
> I have a working wakeup call system on my home * system.  The architecture
> is something I'm not perfectly happy with, though.  There are two AGI
> scripts, written in Perl, which handle (a) scheduling, confirming,
> and cancelling a wakeup call, and (b) the wakeup call itself, with the
> option to snooze for 5, 15, or 30 minutes.
> The Perl scripts use the Asterisk::AGI module I came across months ago,
> but by necessity, can't use the Asterisk/Perl code for creating call files
> -- it has a habit of creating them right in the outgoing call queue,
> generating a call immediately.  So the Perl code creates call files in
> a wakeup queue directory, and a cron job (a shell script) runs every
> minute looking for wakeup calls in the queue that need to be handled,
> and moves them to the outgoing call queue.
> It has occurred to me that the two AGI scripts could be rewritten as real
> compiled asterisk applications, but then it always hits me that without
> some kind of cron-line built-in scheduler, or changes to the outgoing
> call queueing that would allow a call to be scheduled for the future,
> there would still be that external cron-driven shell script.  Ugly.
> What I'm wondering is this:  Is there enough interest in the new features
> I mentioned (either an internal scheduler or scheduled outgoing calls)
> that I should work on a C version of the wakeup AGI scripts, or should
> my (impending) next rewrite maintain the current architecture?
> Anyone with specific questions about using my wakeup app, please email
> me directly.
> Rob

Michael Welter
Introspect Telephony Corp.
Denver, Colorado
+1 303 674 2575
mike at introspect.com

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