[Asterisk-Users] Re: Adtran TSU 600

Stephen R. Besch sbesch at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Jun 2 06:17:56 MST 2004

Bartosz Jozwiak wrote:

> Hello,
> Did anybody successfully tried upgrade Adtran TSU 600 to 
> firmware which is working properly with T100P and asterisk ?
> B.

Yes, but it was a while ago (last August). I currently have the TSU600 
with 2 FXO/1 FXS cards running on a T100P with the only problem being 
that the FXS card is a little flakey, but this has no bearing on the 
T100P. I just downloaded the firmware and the stripped down version of 
T-Flash that Adtran provides for flashing the firmware. Once the serial 
link to the TSU was up and running properly, the firmware update went 
without a hitch.

Stephen R. Besch

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