[Asterisk-Users] DNS SRV records

Stephen Rosebush srosebush at desynched.org
Wed Jun 2 06:14:58 MST 2004

I have the same problem, I have a domain name but I do not want to pay 
for DNS services... I kept on trying to find a place where I can get SRV 
records from but none of the free DNS services provide them. I've tried 
ZoneEdit, DNS Park, etc. I've seen one which there might be a 
possibility, www.granitecanyon.com.. though they do not offer mail 

Andrew Thompson wrote:

>My DNS gui(Cpanel/WHM) only allows the following options for entry type:
>Does anyone know if any of these options are acceptable substitutes for an
>SRV record, or do I need to put in a ticket to have a SRV record
>specifically created for me?
>Andrew Thompson
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