[Asterisk-Users] Feedback needed! FindMe/FollowMe Feature Spec.

Brian D'Arcy bdarcy at akiva.com
Tue Jun 1 14:56:32 MST 2004

Hi Tony,

I just reviewed the privacy feature you linked me to.  While this is
similar, it's really a totally separate beast for a few reasons.

The goal of my app is to provide a very simplistic way to have the
server "track you down" at multiple phone numbers.  When using asterisk
as a home system, for one or two extensions, yeah this would be cake in
the dialplan.

However, I'm dealing with replacing a large commercial pbx, where we
have 40 employees using this FindMe Feature.  The idea of having an
external conf file used for defining each employees findme numbers will
help keep my already 1000+ line extensions.conf a little more sane.
Especially since *all* extensions go through the standard dial macro.  

Without using the separate config file, I would have to have *multiple*
dial statements, each reflecting each employees "find me" phone
number(s).  Yuck.

The way I see it, you've got sip.conf, iax.conf, and voicemail.conf.
everything is already separated, so there's no real reason to junk up
the dialplan any more than it is (100 did's + 40+ extensions + IVR's +
international calling, local calling etc..), so why not make a matching
configuration file for external phone numbers or devices.

I will however play with this new privacy feature, as it will
undoubtedly help me in my coding efforts, being a newb and all. =)

Thanks for your feedback,

Brian D'Arcy

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Brian D'Arcy wrote:

>I'd like to get some feedback from everyone on a FindMe/FollowMe spec
>I've put together.  Before you read on, let me say, I don't want this
>turn into a "it would be cool if it did this.., or that etc..".  I'm
>writing this to serve a very simple and basic function, and I want it
>do  exceedingly well at just that for starters.
Hi Brian,

I've been looking for something like this and I think your efforts might

overlap those of the work-in-progress Privacy option for app_dial.  See 

It would seem that if you were to instead add one more flag to the Dial 
app, that places calls in sequence rather than all at once, you would 
have everything you need.

Perhaps it might even be better to work with Steve Murphy and turn his 
app_dial patch into a stand-alone app_followme? 

I just see an overlap here and you probably don't want to reinvent the 
wheel :)

Trevor Peirce

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