[Asterisk-Users] Re: Grandstream ringtone maker (was Re: Grandstream v1.0.4.68 firmware)

Tomas Prybil starmail at prybil.se
Tue Jun 1 14:09:35 MST 2004

Stephen R. Besch wrote:

> See near the bottom for the interesting bit :-)
>>> OK, while composing this post I decided to write a perl program to read
>>> a uLaw stream on standard input and create a suitable header, writing
>>> the result to an output file.
>>> It can be found at http://www.softins.co.uk/makering.pl.txt
> Now if I could only get my GS phones to load the ring tone files. The 
> TFTP log shows all the requests for the usual boot files and the cfg 
> files but NO requests for the ring tones, not even file not found 
> responses. I can't believe that this is the tftp server. I have tried 
> it on at least three different phones, purchased in 2 different lots 
> and still no luck.  Maybe the phones just don't like me.

The funny thing is that some phones requests the *all* the files and 
some dont. I dont see the difference between the phones, and Yes they 
are from the same lot....

> May 31 20:59:51 galaxy tftpd[31324]: Serving bootload.bin to 
> nnn.113.84.34:61383
> May 31 20:59:57 galaxy tftpd[31325]: Serving bootload.bin to 
> nnn.113.84.34:61383
> May 31 20:59:57 galaxy tftpd[31326]: Serving bt100.bin to 
> nnn.113.84.34:61385
> May 31 21:00:12 galaxy tftpd[31347]: Serving voc.bin to 
> nnn.113.84.34:61387
> May 31 21:00:25 galaxy tftpd[31348]: Serving html100.bin to 
> nnn.113.84.34:61389
> May 31 21:00:29 galaxy tftpd[31349]: Serving ring1.bin to 
> nnn.113.84.34:61391
> May 31 21:00:34 galaxy tftpd[31350]: Serving ring2.bin to 
> nnn.113.84.34:61393
> May 31 21:00:40 galaxy tftpd[31351]: Serving ring3.bin to 
> nnn.113.84.34:61395

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