[Asterisk-Users] Hyperthreading?

joachim zoachien at securax.org
Tue Jun 1 06:46:17 MST 2004

I also had some dual xeon machines not able to use ht with 2.4 kernels > 2.4.22
It all depends on the hardware...

Joachim (zoa)

At 15:16 1/06/2004, you wrote:
> > I'm running asterisk on a 2.8Ghz w/HT and 2.4.25 kernel.  I wasn't aware
> > that I needed to disable HT, but all seems to be running ok for now.  The
> > 2.4.x kernel seems to be completely ignorant of hyper threading, which IMO,
> > is quite frustrating.  HTT has been around for years now, and 2.4 kernels
> > still can't use it.
>They can't?  HT is detected in /proc/cpuinfo (flags) and I see two processors
>with 2.4.25 SMP kernels...  What exactly isn't it using?
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