[Asterisk-Users] AGI Pascal

Andy Powell andy at beagles-den.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 1 03:57:58 MST 2004

On 01/06/2004 at 11:00 Umar Sear wrote:

>Hi Andy, 
>Once again thanks. This should make things a lot
>easier for me. I am greatful.
>btw what is the command line to execute the freepascal
>ide, also do you have any other recomendations.

No problem, I hope it comes in handy :D

I don't actually use the IDE myself, I stick to vi and just use the command line for fpc compiles...

It's worth noting that you can't compile the IDE yourself, it relies on Borland libs - which is annoying

try this one:



It's not that regularly updated.. but should work



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