[Asterisk-Users] SIP phone as intercom

mattf mattf at vicimarketing.com
Wed Dec 31 05:56:35 MST 2003

Cool, haven't looked that in depth into the new firmware(is that the 2.4.1
firmware?) I'll have to try that.
I'll post your instructions on the Wiki page later today.



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Hello, all

Sorry to correct you on this Matt, but I am currently doing this with
the Polycom 600 phones.  You need the latest version of both the SIP
software and bootrom to do it, (and that stuff ain't easy to get) but it
is workable.

The latest version of software provides for distinctive ring tones just
like the Cisco 7960's have.  It also provides for auto answer.  It's
kind of tricky to do, but you can make your phones auto answer by
setting the Alert-Info variable in asterisk and messing with the xml
configuration files, sip.cfg and ipmid.cfg.

In the sip.cfg file, look for the line with these variables:

<alertInfo voIpProt.SIP.alertinfo.1.value="Sales"

In this real-world example, whenever I set ALERT_INFO to "Sales" in
Asterisk, the Polycom matches on that word and calls up class 8 in

In ipmid.cfg, my class 8 line looks like this:

<SALES se.rt.8.name="Sales" se.rt.8.type="ring" se.rt.8.ringer="11"
se.rt.8.callWait="6" se.rt.8.mod="0">

se.rt.8.type="ring" tells the Polycom phone which type of ring to use -
which in this case is a regular ring and se.rt.8.ringer="11" tells the
phone to ring with ringtone 11 with is the Triplet.

I use this one for signaling a new incoming sales call to one of my
three sales guys.  The secretary transfers it to the sales department
and their lines ring with the Triplet.  I feel like Pavlov whenever I
hear it.

The other ring types are visual, answer and ring-answer.  The one you
want is ring-answer.

Here's how I do it:  Again in sip.cfg (actually part of the same line
listed above)

...voIpProt.SIP.alertinfo.2.value="Ring Answer"

and in ipmid.cfg (I just modified one of the existing ones to give me a
High Double Trill ringtone)

<RING_ANSWER se.rt.4.name="Ring Answer" se.rt.4.type="ring-answer"
se.rt.4.timeout="1000"... se.rt.4.ringer="7"...>

The se.rt.4.timeout="1000" tells the Polycom to ring for 1000
milliseconds (one second) and then answer.

I call it in Asterisk by setting the ALERT_INFO variable to "Ring
Answer" whenever anybody pushes 8 plus the extension.  It rings in to
the extension and voila, I'm on speaker!

By the way, for all you BOFH out there, you could actually use this
feature as a somewhat surreptitious eavesdropping device by using a
silent ring and a visual type.  The phone would answer without any
indication except on the console.  I haven't tried this myself and if
you do this, I don't want to know about it...unless I'm in your office
at the time.

Good Luck!  I was going to put this in the Wiki myself, but maybe
somebody will give me a late Christmas present.

--John Baker

On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 19:08, mattf wrote:
> Hello,
> It's all dependant upon the firmware of the phone(nothing to do with the
> or SIP currently). The documentation of the Polycom VOIP phones shows no
> of doing this currently but it is really just a matter of Polycom adding
> this feature to their firmware in the future which we are pushing for.
> People have gotten this to work with Cisco and Snom phones.
> MATT---
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> (new asterisk user - currently setting up Polycom IP600 phones)
> Does anyone know if it's possible to make a sip phone instantly pick up 
> on speakerphone when a particular call comes in? Eg so that you can 
> quickly bother someone across the office without making them reach for 
> their phone?
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