[Asterisk-Users] include a file ?

Sean Cheesman scheesman at gdsworks.com
Tue Dec 30 15:29:02 MST 2003

include => context is for context inclusion

#include filename.conf is for including other files that follow the standard
config files (sip, extensions, etc)

Don't let the two includes confuse you.  They serve two completely different
functions on two completely different levels.  If you had 1000 extensions on
your * box, having them all in one file would be all but impossible to
administer.  But if you broke those thousand extensions out by department
and created separate files for each one, you could easily keep everything

#include accounting.conf
#include support.conf
#include shipping.conf

Of course, this is only one of many ways you could use the #include


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Sean Cheesman wrote:
> The # is needed.  It's your standard programming syntax.
> My two cents on the date/time variable would be no.  The includes are
> processed when * starts up, and are all grouped together.  It's more of a
> way to keep everything clean than for a logic basis.  Anyone else?

> Brian West wrote:
> >
> > its
> >
> > #include filename.conf
> >
> Does the synatx include the # at the beginning of the line ?
> And can this type of include be time/date dependant like the standard
> include ?
> include => filename.conf|<hours>|<weekdays>|<monthdays>|<months>

ok, Im a bit confused.  I was refering to using includes within
I've been doing things like this in extensions.conf :

[local]                         -allow local area calling
include => outgoing-pstn-local
include => outgoing-iax-peer
include => outgoing-operator
include => outgoing-911
include => outgoing-411
include => outgoing-611

and this

; check for holiday and play special message
; include => newyears|*|*|1|jan

My original question was if I could break my extension.conf file up into
seperate files and include the smaller pieces back into the main file
like this.

include => /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf.outgoing.contexts
include => /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf.incoming.contexts
include => /path/to/some/file|<hours>|<weekdays>|<monthdays>|<months>

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