[Asterisk-Users] include a file ?

Andrew Thompson asteriskuser at aktzero.com
Tue Dec 30 14:40:50 MST 2003

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> Brian West wrote:
> >
> > its
> >
> > #include filename.conf
> >
> Does the synatx include the # at the beginning of the line ?
> And can this type of include be time/date dependant like the standard
> include ?
> include => filename.conf|<hours>|<weekdays>|<monthdays>|<months>

I expect the syntax is exactly as posted.

I made up an example but then thought better of it. I was imagining it
getting ugly, if you create contexts in the file...

It might be safer to #include all the files you want ahead of time(near
beginning of file), and then reference the contexts you need afterwards.

I am curious which files (if not all of them) support this option...

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