[Asterisk-Users] H.323, MultiVOIP, and DTMF

Brady Alleman bgalleman at pa.net
Mon Dec 29 15:25:31 MST 2003

I've been working with the old-style (pre-SIP) MultiTech MultiVOIPs,
trying to make them work against chan_h323.  With the voips in rfc2833
mode, Asterisk can detect DTMF fine from them, but when it sends DTMF to
them, they lock up on the second digit, crying about an incoming fax. 
Has anyone encountered that problem (and found a solution)?

Taking the other route, switching DTMF to inband on the VOIPs and
h323.conf, Asterisk again detects DTMF fine, but if I call another
extension through Asterisk, no DTMF makes it through.  With chan_h323
configured to rfc2833 (and the voips still config'd inband) Asterisk is
deaf to the tones, but at least they make it through.  I know there has
been some list chatter about chan_h323 not being entirely DTMF-happy,
but is there any way I can have my cake and eat it too, in this senario?

Thank you.

Brady Alleman
Network Engineer
Cumberland Technologies International

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