[Asterisk-Users] RE: TDM Card loses Dialtone and Battery

Andrew Thompson asteriskuser at aktzero.com
Sun Dec 28 21:19:29 MST 2003

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> Hello again,
> Thanks for the timely responses.
> Andrew:
> Asterisk doesn't dump any messages except when a call comes in and
> tries to ring an extension - it leaves a "device busy" type of message.

I don't have internal fx devices, so I'm scrambling to find a command to
help see what * thinks is up/down. Can you restart asterisk with
asterisk -vvvc, convince the card to crash, and see if it generates anything
then? (If you've done this already, just say so.)

> I checked /proc/interrupts. The fxs card is still there after it dies, but
> the interrupts counter does not change over time. When the fxs card is
> working it is usually constantly firing interrupts.

Sorry, I should have asked explicitly for what I wanted to see. Can you
paste the contents of /proc/interrupts in your reply?

> I'll check load and report back.
> Thanks for the suggestion about the sound card. I really don't need it in
> the server. I'll take it out.

The notable thing here is, your interrupts may move around when you take
this card out. Your other * problems may get better or worse when this
happens. There ought to be a better way to manage interrupts, but apart from
taking boards out and trying them in varying orders, I don't know what it

If you do take the sound card out, can you(just for fun) post the
/proc/interrupts before and after?

Andrew Thompson http://aktzero.com/

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