[Asterisk-Users] TDM Card loses Dialtone and Battery

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Sun Dec 28 20:36:54 MST 2003

On Sunday 28 December 2003 19:48, Victor Rini wrote:
> I've posted on this problem before. Well here goes again.
> I have an intel mobo with a p4 2.4ghz proc, 1GB Ram. It has built-in
> ethernet and vga and 6 pci slots.
> I dreamed of making this my household communications server: internet
> router, firewall, vpn and asterisk. Everything works except the TDM
> fxs card. Well it works for a little while and it dies: no dialtone,
> no ring tone.
> All 6 slots are filled: two more Ethernet cards, two digium fxo
> cards, an sb live card and the tdm card. Everything that I don't use
> on the motherboard is turned off: serial and parallel ports, serial
> ata and motherboard sound. I've got all this stuff packed in a case
> with a 430 watt power supply.
> Interesting observation #1: When the tdm card dies, the fxo cards and
> asterisk still carry on. People can call and can leave messages, etc.
> I just can't hear the phone ring and I can't use the phone either.
> Interesting observation #2: I think I know how to make the tdm card
> die. I have a pc behind one of the Ethernet cards on the server. 
> When I do a download off the net, the tdm card dies. Keep in mind
> when I'm doing a download two Ethernet interfaces are working, the
> one to which the pc is connected and the one connected to my cable
> modem. I've just tried another download - I'm almost 100 percent sure
> I can make the card die this way.
> Anyone been down this path before? I'd hate to buy a linksys box just
> to make the tdm card happy.

Which revision of the card is this?  Is it the Revision C or before
(with no molex connection) or the Revision E or later (with a molex

I've had this problem before with the Revision C, but the Revision E/F
cleared up the problem.


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